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      • Mr & Mrs Smith, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
      • Now that we have had a chance to settle and adjust to our recent garage conversion, we thought we should let you know how very pleased we are with the overall finished product and how we wished we had done it years ago.
      • Home Study
      A home study conversion
      • Mr & Mrs Jones, Swadlincote, Staffordshire
      • We are writing to tell you how delighted we are with our garage conversion. We were most impressed with the quality of the work throughout and the workmen who were never once taken away onto another job. The conversion of our garage into a kitchen/diner has given us so much more room and has definitely added value to our home.We would be pleased to recommend you and your firm to any future customers.
      • Kitchen Conversion
      A kitchen conversion

Garage Conversion to Bedroom

Bedroom Conversion

Creating a bedroom to inspire

Converting the garage into a Master Bedroom

Looking to add another bedroom to your palace? Maybe a luxurious parents room or an indestructible kids room? Whatever you're looking for, we can help turn it into a reality.

Most garages these days are too small to make into a decent sized living area or a kitchen and so bedrooms, utility rooms and kitchen extensions are more suited to using this space.

As with any conversion, doing your homework will help you achieve the perfect outcome at the end. With a sleeping area this is no exception. Depending on who the room is for, your needs will be different. Below we give you some ideas and help to prepare and get one step closer to perfection.

Things to consider

A bedroom even your dog will love!

We all know our energy’s affected by a poor sleep cycle, not to mention your entire demeanor if you’re not sleeping soundly. Is your bed up-to-date and allow you to sleep like royalty? When did you last change the mattress? In any major bedroom overhaul, the majority of your budget must be allocated on the mattress, with a balance between firmness and softness – and don’t undermine a great bed without the right foundation as without a decent bed any other changes you make in the bedroom will be nullified. If we spent almost 40% of our lives in it then a bed must be seen as an investment.

As for placement, give access to morning sunlight but equally don’t drown yourself in it, unless you can block it out with blinds or curtains. We invested in a black out blind, but once up with the birdies the blind is recoiled and sunshine fills the room as we have our morning cuppa.

Choosing the right lights

Lighting is so so so so important. The perfect room is ruined with the wrong light.

The type of mood you want in there will change according to the time of day. In the morning, for example, we need a good light to help put on makeup perhaps or see what colours you are picking from the wardrobe. At night however, low lighting will help you relax and get ready for sleep. The bedroom therefore is a room where a dimmer switch is a must so you can achieve the level of lighting you need at any time of the day. Whilst fitting that, ensure you also have a switch for the main light and bedsides lamps next to the bed as well as by the door to ensure turning off the lights at the end of the night is not a chore.

Decorating a small space

We all know the effect of colour on mood. As a rule of thumb:

• Neutrals – create a calming feeling, making them good for sleeping

• Darks – create a sensual and intimate feeling, making them good for creating a room of romance

• Brights – stimulates the senses, making them a good choice for accents or feature walls only – that was all our main bedroom needed – two rolls and it was transformed!

With the help of the right textiles, you can introduce more colours and patterns to your space while keeping the colours on the walls more neutral yet make a warming and inviting atmosphere.

If you have wood flooring in your bedroom and no under-floor heating consider the addition of the odd rug to your floor. Not only will the texture and colour help to break up the floor and create more interest for the eye, the rugs will also help you keep your feet warm when you step out of bed.

Storage to keep things tidy

The space needs to somehow be functional as well as pleasing to look at. Work out the places you can use and try to maximize storage space. If you have been blessed with a walk in dressing room or the like then the majority of your bedroom furniture can be for a more decorative purpose. However, if you need to store clothing, shoes and other things then you’ll have to find the right pieces for space and design. A chest of drawers with a mirror above serves as a dual place for getting ready – get creative with doubling up furniture for multi-functions – a window seat could have storage within it for winter duvets and so forth.

Effortless functionality with Technology

We are never far away from something electronic, whether it's a TV, iphone, xbox or laptop. All of those appliances need power and cables and mess. Why not take a step forward and consider how you integrate power management, media storage and sharing within your new bedroom. For example; bluetooth speakers, multi-appliance power stations, media box to share films and music between your tv, iphone and xbox.

Don't make your new room a clutter of gadgets and cables, think smart.

5 Year Guarantee on all work carried out through us!

We are accredited by all the major building associations and guilds.

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