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Jul, 2015

7 Great Garage Conversion Ideas

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Garage Conversion Ideas

Garages, they’re not just for cars anymore! People in need of more living space are getting very creative these days. Many are nervous now, not wanting to invest in the property market at this time for a myriad of reasons. But what does one do when one has simply outgrown their living space? Perhaps there are now children where there once were none. Or perhaps the family is growing in a different way, active teenagers need a place to get away, or, as is happening more and more these days, grandparents are moving in, changing the face and description of the modern family. Whatever the reason, you find yourself needing more living space but whether for personal or financial reasons you can’t leave your home. The answer could be quite literally just outside your front door… and down the front steps, down the walkway… in your garage! Keep reading for some great garage conversion ideas.

1. Self contained flat or granny annex.

A self contained granny annex

More and more families these days are choosing to rent out part of their home to boost income, or they support an elderly parent with a granny annex. The garage is an easy space to convert and is usually close by to main facilities to allow it’s use in a self contained way. In the above example, the main garage use was retained and a small flat was integrated into the roof with dormer windows to give extra head space. Another of those great garage conversion ideas!

2. Garage turned home office.

Creating a home office

Another great use of a garage is to convert it into office space. Many more people now flex between home and office working and so it can sometimes pay to have a separate space to work from. Storage systems and technology is so smart these days that using a garage space doesn’t have to feel cramped or small. It’s all about using the space wisely and thinking smart about storage and filing.

3. Garage converted into a living room

Bringing the garden indoors

Depending on which way your garage faces and whether it’s a double or single, you could turn it into an additional living room. If you have a single garage why not create additional space by knocking through to another room creating an even bigger space. With some well placed windows or concertina doors you can create an inside room that is almost outside!

 4. Do something really different with the space!

A creative bedroom solution

With a garage conversion, sometimes it’s a mandatory requirement to think carefully about space. In this example, the granny annex has been taken a stage further. This is a double garage that has a small kitchen area built into the wall behind the camera. There is a TV & media centre, a small office area and a seating space for comfort. But that’s the basic bit! Behind that box-like structure is a fully built-in shower room and toilet area! That’s not all, there is a small staircase that leads up to a mezzanine which houses a compact but full sized bed. Sometimes it just needs a bit of creative thinking!

5. Bringing the cinema to a screen near you!


Technology has allowed us to do so much more regarding entertainment. In the last few years there has been an explosion of homeowners creating multimedia entertainment rooms in their home. Not only can you now store films, music, photos and videos all in one place, you can also access them from anywhere in the house! Imagine coming in from work after a hard day’s graft and you slip into your baggy joggers and 25yr old t-shirt and slump down in a darkened room. Suddenly a screen slides down from the ceiling and a movie starts playing, just like being at the movies. All you need now is popcorn!

6. Where cars once sat children now run and play.

Garage conversion ideas - A gym

We often want a place where our children can release some energy, be creative, read a book, paint something or just go plain wild! With a playroom, your garage could breath new opportunities into your children. A place that they can call there own, where they don’t destroy half the house, where they don’t muddy the beautiful house you’ve just spent half an hour hoovering! There are literally hundreds of ways to organise, layout, store and connect your playroom up so it does just what the kids need.

7. Junk-filled space becomes a charming kitchen.

Another from our archive of great garage conversion ideas! Extend your kitchen space; the entertainment centre of the home.

kitchen garage conversion

Sometime, a big kitchen is just not big enough when embarking on a Delia Smith moment of creativity and inviting all the neighbours round to be your taste testers! Why shouldn’t you have more kitchen space! It’s the social hub of the house for many of us, for mixing with the family and friends. So, make it extra special, add in a breakfast bar, build a gorgeous centre island. Alternatively, increase space and storage by extending the kitchen with a large utility room. The possibilities are limitless.

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