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Mar, 2016

Storage ideas for your Garage Conversion

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Here are some storage ideas to get you thinking!

So you’re thinking of a garage conversion, or you may have just had one done and you’re now thinking about how to best use the space. The likelihood is that, even though you have this wonderful new space, it is going to fill up very quickly once you start adding furniture. It is important therefore to create as much of an illusion of space as possible with brilliantly designed furniture pieces, practical storage ideas and thought out ways of organising things for small spaces.

With this in mind, we have some tips for you to consider when preparing to decorate and furnish your new room.

1. The Illusion of Space

Choosing right colours and making right combinations of colours, whilst not one of the storage ideas in itself, can artificially give the feeling of more space. It is always wise to consider the optical influence of a colour in the given area before finally implementing it. Wall and floor colours serve as the foundation stones of any successful interior.

Childs bedroom with natural light

There is a whole science around colours for rooms but in essence it falls into two broad categories. Light colours that give the impression of space and cleanliness. Perfect for making a space feel bigger than it is. Darker colours on the other hand give the reverse effect, creating a reduced sense of space, making it feel more intimate and cosy. So if you want to increase the space, use bright and bold colours. If you want something quaint and cosy, use darker earthier colours or deeper tones.

Teens room with daylight

Mirrors also give light back to a room and create a sense of space. Use this on a wall that is 90 degrees to a window and the light will reflect back into the room and create a feeling of space. Use a mirror on a back wall opposite the window to reflect less light, but create more depth to the room. Make the mirror as large as is reasonable as this will greatly enhance the effect. There are now available large scale wall mirror panels designed for just this purpose.

If you have space in your ceiling cavity, consider spotlights. Whilst only a minor change, the flush nature of spotlights can allow for a feeling of more height in the room.

2. Maximize Floor Space

Before you go to order your traditional bed, wardrobe and shelves for you new bedroom, or a new desk, chair and filing cabinet for your office, consider the floor and wall space.

Floor space is at a premium in a converted garage. There just isn’t as much as you’d like to have, so it’s really important to use furniture wisely.

Using floorspace wisely

Use wall storage all the way up to the ceiling! As storage ideas go, this is one of the most obvious to do. There are really clever and creative shelving and racking systems now available that will allow you to use more of the wall and move things off the floor. Neat storage boxes in a shelving system can give the appearance of uniformity and neatness, thereby increasing the feel of space.

Creating more floor space

If it’s a bedroom, use full height wardrobes and move the hanging rail upwards to allow another one below it and double your hanging space. Utilise the dead space underneath hanging items in a wardrobe by adding a small drawer unit for socks, or jewellery.

3. Flooring

Not maybe the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about storage ideas! With flooring, colour is another way to add the feel of space, or remove it. Floors with busy patterns tend to reduce the impression of space whereas clean, uncluttered floor designs give the opposite effect.

If you lay wooden flooring, make sure that boards are placed parallel to the longest wall to produce the look of an elongated room. Remember to use good quality underfloor insulation too as it will save you money and make sitting or laying on the floor more comfortable, especially for young children.

Storage inside the floor

Consider the type of flooring that will suit the need. Wooden floors may be perfect for a home office or dining room, but not for a child’s bedroom or a home gym. You may want something harder wearing for a gym floor being pounded through running and training. It may be tempting to get a hard wearing floor for a child’s room but if it’s too hard and uncomfortable, they may end up finding an alternative floor!

Vinyl and Wood Flooring

Choose wood or vinyl in neutral tones and simple patterns as light colours, less seams and more subtle grain combined with appropriate colour on the walls and ceiling contribute to producing interiors that looks opened up and spacious.

4. Windows

Ok so this is not strictly storage ideas material, but it’s important nonetheless. If you want to create more space, maximize the natural light into your room as it serves as one of the best tools for that illusion of greater space. Ideally leave the windows totally uncovered to allow natural light to flow through freely without any hindrance. Leaving the windows totally uncovered allows your small indoor space to merge with the outdoors and creates an illusion of depth and space.

Window Treatments


light coloured curtains


Use light weight and light coloured curtains in case curtains or coverings are necessary for the windows. The main point is to keep the window treatments to a minimum. Use Voile panels that can blend in with the colour of the walls of the room or maybe are slightly lighter in colour than the walls can also help in this regard. Try to keep them apart to allow maximum sunlight into the room.

fancy window treatments


Elaborate and too fancy window treatments tend to break the continuity of an interior and visually divide the room to create an enclosed look and feel that is not appropriate especially for small areas.

5. Use of Vertical Spaces

Putting up shelves and cabinets at height on wall can help us take the advantage of unused vertical spaces. High shelves and cabinets not only help in creating valuable space for storage but also free up floor space from many un wanted things and distractions, thus making the room feel spacious and less busy. They also lend themselves brilliantly to associated storage ideas such as boxes, jars, book holders etc.


shelves and cabinets


High-mounted shelves and storage compartments can also make the room appear taller by drawing our eyes in the upward direction. Make sure that the cabinetry or shelves at height are light in colour and are not in too much contrast with the walls. Too much contrast or solid colour will give the feeling of cutting the space into smaller pieces and not letting the eye glide through and feel the spaciousness.


storage compartments


6. Boutique-Like Closet

If you love to dress up and feel pampered but do not have the luxury of a larger space to dedicate for a huge walk in closet, consider going for a classy, high-end yet glamorous closet that looks like a boutique. Carefully designed according to your requirements you can store all the clothes and accessories in style that will make you feel as if you are shopping every time you walk in for selecting what you want to wear. It can give you the luxurious feel of a ‘custom closet’ and helps you create big dreams in a small space.

Plan well organized cubbies and drawers for sweaters and other things that need to be folded. Special less deep jewellery drawers for your jewellery accessories should be designed in the interior. Clothes hanging area and a beautiful display for shoes and purses will complete the boutique look and feel.


beautiful display for shoes and purses


If the space is limited and you cannot accommodate proper cubbies, shelves or drawers, you can still create the same look and feel through open shelves on a simple well painted and intelligently designed wall.


Clothes hanging area


7. Closet Office

Space is always a big issue for decorating small apartments and homes. Thinking about a home office or personal work area in such an apartment seems like a dream and here you need all the storage ideas you can get. Well not exactly! With a well thought out plan you can easily create a small and functional work area or office space by utilizing a closet, a wall niche space or a room corner.


functional work area


Folding office furniture items such as folding chairs and tables along with portable workstation cabinets like workstations on wheels provide a convenient and space saving practical design for an office. If you want something simple simply remove the door off from the closet, remove or adjust the shelf height according to your convenience (or remove the shelving and insert a table that fits into it), clean and paint the area and insert any shelving required for work above the work top. Leave the space open if you want or hang a decorative Roman blind to cordon off the area when not in use.


decorative Roman blind


With careful and intelligent designing a small functional, comfortable and stylish work or office space can be created in no time.


8. Smart Work Desks

There are many good furniture designs, a lot of different materials that compose a beautiful desk. Some of them save space in the room because a designer created a functional design that would not only deal with your problem of having too little room for a desk but also look incredible in that small space. Some of the desks are suited only for large rooms that accentuate their gorgeous shape. And then there are those desks that can transform from a small, one-man workstation to a large, conference table. It all depends on your taste and needs. After all, if you work from home, you want an office to be proud of right?


Clever work spaces


Another solution for installing a work desk without cramping up the interior is to utilize small unused corners of the house. Create a compact floating work desk that utilizes vertical space. Complete your work desk by adding a small folding chair that can be folded and put away when not in use.


Small office area


9. Behind the Door Organisers

Another of the great storage ideas are over-the-door organisers are brilliant storage ideas and have the excellent advantage of:

1. Being an out of sight storage (As it is behind the door and generally out of sight is out of mind 🙂 –meaning that it does not contribute to clutter or make the room look busy while still accommodating a lot of stuff in it)

2. For utilising vertical space, keeping the floor free, while storing many things in it.

These organisers can be used in any part the house be it kitchen to store spoons, ladles and small baking moulds to holding tools in a garage. They are versatile and can be used in kid’s room to hold dolls and toys or behind the closet door to hold shoes and other accessories.


Behind the door storage ideas


These versatile organisers effectively enhance storage space in every room of the house.


Over the door storage


10. Maximise Storage

Beds are an inevitable part of any décor and there is an abundance of storage ideas for them too. Whether the area is big or small, a bed has to occupy the most space in the bedroom. Ever wondered how we can increase the productivity or functionality of the bed area without compromising on comfort or luxury. Throughout the years drawers under the bed have been used for storage which was never a very good option as they were sleek drawers that took in dust and particles from above. For normal beds bed skirts were used to hide things lying under the bed. These bed skirts created an effect of a smaller cluttered space in a small room.

Today, furniture pieces are designed to utilise the whole space under the bed for storage. The bed can be given any modern design or look with added functionality of deep hidden storage under the mattress base. The storage can only be exposed when the mattress is lifted with the help of a strong but simple mechanism. Usually the best is the use of gas lift hydraulic pistons to raise the mattress support platform in the most convenient way. The bed can be upholstered in leather or any other material to create the desired look in the room.


Around the bed storage


These spaces created are sealed from sides and do not take in dust unless the platform is lifted and the area is exposed. It can serve as an excellent way to conveniently store especially the bulky beddings and other things.


Under the bed drawers

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