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Aug, 2016

8 Fun Kitchen gadgets that are a must!

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8 Kitchen Gadgets to Brighten Your Day

Function doesn’t always have to outweigh form and here’s 8 fun kitchen gadgets that will brighten your kitchen days.


Chicken Egg Separator

What better way to separate your egg yolks and whites than with this great little gadget! It is aesthetic too so feel free to leave it out on when not in use. Next time you’re thinking of making Pavlova or a cheesecake, reach for you nifty little egg separator. Ignore the fact that using a chicken to split a yolk from the white is somewhat ironic and a little cannibalistic metaphorically, but what the heck!

Kitchen Gadgets Egg Separator

Blood Splatter Chopping Board

If you’re used to using a chopping board, you’ll know how annoying it can be when they move and slip around. This cool little chopping board helps avoid that by having and overhang to it. Add to that, the clever little splatter design and you’ve got a smart piece of kitchenware. If the sight of blood makes you queasy, this is as good as it gets!

Splatter Chopping Boards

Magic Wand Salt & Pepper Shakers

Nothing like a practical, useful, functional gadget for the kitchen! Technically this gadget is more for the dining room but we’ve sneaked it in as it’s just too cool not to feature. For those of you budding wizards, witches and princesses, these magic wand salt and pepper shakers are perfect. Add another dimension to mealtimes!

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Silicone Pan Holders

Ok so this is both cool and practical. The amount of times I’ve burned my fingers on hot Pyrex dishes or saucepans doesn’t bear thinking about! These silicone pan and dish holders are awesome and a must for every kitchen. They stay cool when using them so no chance of burning yourself. They are also a cinch to clean compare to the mess you get on normal oven gloves.

Silicone Pan Holders

Cake Slicer & Server

Now most of you, I know, will have long to be able to slice a piece of cake and serve it all in the same motion. Well here’s your chance. With this clever little kitchen utensil, you can now both slice and serve. In essence this gadget is like a slicer and tongs in one. You lower the tool down over and into the cake to slice it. Then you gently squeeze the tongs to clamp the piece of cake and lift it clear for serving. Simple yet effective.

Cake Server

Mitten Ice Tongs

Why? Just why? Because it’s fun and quirky of course! Ice is cold right, so what better way to serve it than with your own ice tongs with mittens on! Not much else to say really, the product speaks for itself. An essential part of every kitchen.

Mitten Tongs

Dinosaur Pasta Server

Now this is pure indulgence but another fun way to liven up your boring pasta serving process. Aptly named the Apastasaurus, you can’t help but smile when using this to dish up your Spaghetti or Tagliatelle.

Dinosaur Pasta Server

Vegetable Scissors

Now this is just plain clever as far as kitchen gadgets. Maybe too clever for it’s own good. You remember chopping those chives by hand with a little vegetable knife? Well what if you had a whole bunch of hands and knives to use at the same time. That’s the theory here and I can see it being quite a clever tool. It it’s as good as it looks, it will make chopping herbs, spring onions, celery amongst other things, a speedy process. The time you save can then be wisely spent……….wine anyone!

Vegetable Scissors

Apple Multi-Stack Storage

In my house, I have two boxes filled with tupperware lids and bottoms, many of which don’t match anymore! I often find myself looking for a better solution to “small storage” pots for things like fruit or veg sticks, cooking ingredients or left overs of cheese gratings for the fridge. This seems like a great solution to me. Not only is it ideal for small items but it’s neat “Russian Doll” style storage, makes it neat and attractive.

Apple Storage Pots

Strawberry Teabag Infuser

Where would a home be without its tea infuser! We Brits are made for tea and it’s a culture that has grown across Europe and the Americas. We are also drinking more fruit teas, herb teas and black tea. So an infuser is quite a trendy bit of kit and we love to look cool as part of our trend setting. This strawberry shaped infuser is a clever little device to sit you teabag in and the flavour flood out.

Tea Infuser

So there you have it, a few more things to add to your list of kitchen gadgets you must have! Well maybe that’s pushing it, but we hope you have enjoyed our little dip into some of the more unusual, yet fun gadgets to brighten up your kitchen activities.

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