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      • Mr & Mrs Smith, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
      • Now that we have had a chance to settle and adjust to our recent garage conversion, we thought we should let you know how very pleased we are with the overall finished product and how we wished we had done it years ago.
      • Home Study
      A home study conversion
      • Mr & Mrs Jones, Swadlincote, Staffordshire
      • We are writing to tell you how delighted we are with our garage conversion. We were most impressed with the quality of the work throughout and the workmen who were never once taken away onto another job. The conversion of our garage into a kitchen/diner has given us so much more room and has definitely added value to our home.We would be pleased to recommend you and your firm to any future customers.
      • Kitchen Conversion
      A kitchen conversion

Plumbing, Electrics, Heating & Fixings

garage conversion services

Those Essential Services

trade requirements for converting garages

When you watch your favourite TV programme, you're not really thinking about the lighting, sound engineer or director sat behind the camera. Yet all of these things are absolutely essential to giving you a great experience.

It is no different with your garage conversion and there are a number of steps leading to your finishing room. This includes plumbing works, electrical works, damp-proofing and heating amongst others. Here we explain some of those essential services you are likely to need from us during your project.

We can manage some or all of the project and associated services on your behalf, even if its not something we do directly. Plus you have the peace of mind, knowing that the service we provide and contractors we use are all accredited professionals.

Services Explained


There are a few things to think about when looking at wiring for a garage conversion. Most of the time your existing electrics will be good enough to support extra sockets and appliances. However, it is worth checking.

If you are going to run an office, home cinema or playroom then you may have a larger number of appliances drawing more power. Checking your existing supply will allow you to ensure you don't spend your time switching the electrics back on when they trip out. An additional supply box will support greater power drains and provide a more stable system.

All electrical work carried out by us will have the new required NICEIC certification.


Modern day plumbing for houses is now a fine balance between efficiency and function. If you look to add additional radiators, it probably won't be long before you hit a problem......your current boiler isn't powerful enough to support additional heating.

So be prepared that your builder may tell you that your boiler needs upgrading to support your plans. A new boiler can cost upwards of £800 so its worth factoring it in.

When considering how you want your room laid out, it is important to think about where your existing pipes for radiators are. If your garage has a wall with a radiator on the other side, then it may be straightforward to add to the existing pipes. If not, it could mean re-routing pipework to accommodate where things need to go. The distance of existing pipework from the garage will make a noticeable difference to the price as you begin to get into addition piping and labour.

All heating and plumbing work will be carried out by qualified engineers and to a certified standard.

Plumbing & Waste

As with heating, your water and waste plumbing system follows the same principles. If there is existing waste pipes and wastewater outlets in the adjoining walls then extending your system with an additional utility or en-suite may not be as difficult.

The trick is to look at where the bathroom is in relation to the garage, then work out what is on the other sides of the internal walls of the garage. Then consider your layout and where you might want things to go. This can help you save a few hundred pounds of cost if you think ahead.

All heating and plumbing work will be carried out by qualified engineers and to a certified standard.

Insulation and Damp Proofing

There are tighter requirements now for insulating properties and so we will talk you through the different levels to help prevent loss of heat or inefficient insulation. Along with insulation, you need to consider how much sound proofing you want for the room. Chances are that if it is a home study, not much is required. However a Home Cinema, would need more sound proofing to prevent everyone in the house thinking dinosaurs or helicopters are coming through the walls.

Once again, a little bit of forethought can help you think about where to position TVs and Xboxes to minimise sound travel.

With regards damp proofing. Your home should already have a minimum required level of damp course, both to the outside of the property and the floor. However, some flooring needs addition damp proof membrane to ensure it doesn't warp or lift, such as wood and laminate floors.

5 Year Guarantee on all work carried out through us!

We are accredited by all the major building associations and guilds.

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