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      • Mr & Mrs Smith, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
      • Now that we have had a chance to settle and adjust to our recent garage conversion, we thought we should let you know how very pleased we are with the overall finished product and how we wished we had done it years ago.
      • Home Study
      A home study conversion
      • Mr & Mrs Jones, Swadlincote, Staffordshire
      • We are writing to tell you how delighted we are with our garage conversion. We were most impressed with the quality of the work throughout and the workmen who were never once taken away onto another job. The conversion of our garage into a kitchen/diner has given us so much more room and has definitely added value to our home.We would be pleased to recommend you and your firm to any future customers.
      • Kitchen Conversion
      A kitchen conversion

Garage Conversion to a Study

From big to small studies

A Study for your best work

Places you love to work in

There are many thousands of people that now work out of a home office and we seem to be spending more and more time at our desks.

It's only right then that we should like our environment because it is comfortable, functional and displays just a little bit of our personality. For some that may be adding music, for others it may be lighting effects or a big screen. Whatever you need, we can work with you to make it happen.

As with any conversion, you need to consider those essential elements beforehand to ensure you don't miss anything out. Particularly as you don't really want to be modify your new home office so soon after completion.

Things to consider

A desk that fits your need

You will spend the bulk of your time at your desk and so it needs to fit your needs. But there are so many different types to choose. For example do you need one that fits into a corner, or along a wall? Does it need to be wood, metal or glass topped? Will you need to incorporate a pedastal underneath it or to the side. All useful considerations and yet so often only considered once the desk is in place. So, our top things to consider about your desk choice:

  • Do i need a corner desk or straight?
  • Do i need drawers in the desk or a separate pedastal?
  • Will the drawers go on my right, or left hand side?
  • Does the desk have a hidden cable tidy?
  • Should I get a wooden, glass or metal top?
  • Is it extendable if I need more space?

These are just a few things to help you consider your choice of desk more thoroughly.

Choosing lights in your study

Lighting is so so so so important. The perfect room is ruined with the wrong light.

Your home office will have a few challenges regarding light that a typical bedroom or playroom may not face. Firstly, you will spend quite a bit of time on a laptop or PC and so you need to ensure that wherever you position your desk, you avoid glare from lights and windows. You can do this by using voile coverings on full light windows or using opaque lightbulbs.

You should also consider where the windows in the room are and where you are positioned in relation. Having your back to a window that lets in lots of sunlight may cause headaches or even nausea with too much sun on you. Lethary is also another common problem associated with warm, natural light. Not great when you're working.

When considering lightbulbs, try to go for bulbs which are as close to daylight as possible. This will reduce the glare when you go into a room with more natural light or when you go outside. If you spend long periods in front of your screen, take regular breaks just to rest your eyes ad avoid dim lighting for long periods.

Decor that adds to the space

We all know the effect of colour on mood. As a rule of thumb:

  • Neutrals – create a calming feeling, making them good for thinking and relaxing.
  • Darks – create a more confined feel, which can make the room seem smaller and more cosy.
  • Brights – stimulates the senses, making them a good choice for accents or feature walls only. There is a reason that offices tend to be bright and airy.

Colours and patterns are proven to stimulate our eyes and minds and are therefore great for a home office. Often, having a feature wall with pattern or bold colour works well, because we can use this as a focus when we are thinking or strategizing!

Flooring should typically be a laminate or hardy vinyl for your office chair to roll about on. Avoid textured laminates as these can feel like you're riding over rough ground, even with the smallest indentations.

A place for storing all things

Office storage is an art form with an abundance of drawer units, filing cabinets, stackables and cupboards. The key is knowing what you use the most and how it needs to operate. Should it be close to hand or across the room? Will you need more filing space or book space? Does it need to all be behind closed doors or act as an open feature.

Storage shouldn't just be considered as the paperwork and books type storage. We also need to consider how we store things like our pens and pencils and the cables for our laptop, iphone, ipad and whatever else gadets and gizmos you may have.

Connectivity and interactivity

Modern technology now allows us to operate in ways we could only dream of 20years ago. So what does this mean for our modern home office. Well firstly, how do we intend to work, wirelessly or wired? Therefore what is our router signal like and does it need boosting? Do we have wireless media storage so we don't have to copy and transfer stuff on datasticks all the time? Do we need

Don't make your new room a clutter of gadgets and cables, think smart.

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We are accredited by all the major building associations and guilds.

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